Recovery Begins with Hope.

Drug  Addiction & Substance Abuse Program

Discover the values, beliefs, and feelings contributing to your behavior.

Hope House addresses behaviors and emotions behind addiction. Clients learn a variety of skills to help them control behaviors from within instead of relying on others. The program’s primary focus is to have clients work through the resident hierarchy. Clients must respect authority, take on responsibility, and work with fellow clients in a team environment. Treatment includes individual therapy, group therapy, and education about addiction.

Hope House is Licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services

License #300034AN  expires 11/30/23

Hope House gladly accepts your tax-deductible donations, including cash, food, and household items.



Hope House staff has a combined total of more than 100 years of experience working with adults with drug and alcohol addictions. The agency has retained staff for many years, developed staff with expertise, and stability. All factors have created a stable, safe environment in which clients receive treatment.

Hope House’s mission is to provide Orange County adults with supportive, comprehensive treatment for chemical dependency. We have provided drug and alcohol treatment to Orange County adults for more than three decades. Hope House began in 1976 in response to the growing epidemic of drug abuse in Orange County. It originally was modeled after programs that used confrontational types of therapy. Over the years, the program has incorporated new forms of interventions and treatment to address client emotional, health and vocational needs.

Since the 1980s, Hope House has been working with adult addicts who have co-occurring mental and physical disorders. The program promotes diversity and works with many different populations, including minorities, clients with HIV and Hepatitis C.

Hope House maintains a structured living environment, provides therapy to address emotional issues and links to medical and psychiatric services. The program puts a great emphasis on harm reduction, skill building and linkage to community resources. Hope House emphasizes learning impulse control, managing stress, working with others and acquiring life skills necessary for successful re-entry into the community. Hope House continues to respond to community needs and incorporates innovative, cost-effective treatment.